Etsuro Urushi | moving coil stereo cartridge made in Japan



What is the difference between the models Gold, Bordeaux, and Cobalt Blue cartridges?

Housing Coating:

We have applied different traditional Japanese craft coatings for each model. The Gold cartridge is decorated with traditional gold leaf handmade by the craftsmen of Hakuichi Company located in Kanazawa prefecture. The Cobalt/Bordeaux applied the lacquer urushi finish also handcrafted by the long established Urushi Sakamoto Company located in Fukushima Prefecture. The Cobalt blue and Bordeaux goes through different process for the urushi finish. The Cobalt Blue has used single color to emphasize the glorious Cobalt Blue color, whilst the Bordeaux has been specially treated by going through various processes to give it a smooth glassy layering texture with beautiful shine.


Terminal Pin:

Each cartridge uses different plating for the terminal pin. Gold with 24K gold plating, Bordeaux with gold plating, and Cobalt Blue with Rhodium finish.


Cartridge base:

The base (plate), where it directly comes in contact with the headshell also applied different materials. The Gold and Bordeaux version uses 2.5mm pure sapphire plate, and the Cobalt Blue version uses A7075 (Extra-Super duralumin) base. Each material has been selected to provide superb rigidity characteristics to the cartridge.



The Gold version uses 0.22mm□diamond cantilever, whilst the Bordeaux and Cobalt version has chosen to use sapphire pipe.



Bordeaux and Cobalt is precisely wounded in-house Excel Sound using copper coil, and the Gold has chosen to use specially treated copper coil.


Finally the skilled craftsmen of Excel Sound have made some appropriate tuning and adjustments to the internal structure to give special characteristics to each model. This final adjustment recipe can only be done through the accumulated long years of cartridge manufacturing experience.

Where can I test/listen the Etsurojapan cartridges?

Please contact your nearest distributor listed in our distributor contact page.f the distributor in your region is not located in our distributor list, please contact us directly through our contact page.



Dai-Ichi Shoji (UNI-IT) warrants to the owner of this product that it will be free for repair and replacement of defect (when operated according to the condition following the instruction manual and attached label) for a period of two years from date of purchase. When receiving free repair due to failure within the warranty period, please present this manual and contact your dealer from whom this was purchased/or call our service hotline (Tel: +81-45-228-3281) This warranty does not apply if

1)The manual packaged with the cartridge is not presented

2)The date of purchase is unknown

3)Misused, misapplication of product, damage caused by other equipment, damage and abuse caused by unauthorized repair and modification.

4)Damage is caused by transportation and misplacement.

5)Damage is caused by act of God.



Product warranty certificate ET-U50 ※Warranty period 24months


Free warranty regulation

1. If failure occurs by normal usage while following the instruction manual, repair will be conducted free of charge 24 months from the purchased date. Please fill in necessary items and bring the product together with the attached certificate to the purchased store.

2. Following will be subject to repair for fee regardless of being within the warranty period.

a)Incorrect handling, failure caused by other equipment, damage and failure due to unreasonable modification and repair.

b)Failure and damage caused by act of providence such as fire, earthquakes, wind and flood damage, lightning, damage caused by environmental disruptions and abnormal voltage.

c)Failure and damage caused by relocation, transportation, and drops after purchase.

d)Failure and damage caused by usage in uncommon environment, other than general home usage, (e.g. Long hour and continuous usage in shop demonstration, poor environment conditions, outdoor and heavy use).

e) If the warranty certificate  attached with the transformer is not presented.

f) If customers name, purchased shop and date is not filled in, or if the filled in wordings are rewritten.

g) Replacement of consumable parts.

The warranty certificate is to appoint free of charge repair under the conditions and the period stated on the certificate. The warranty certificate is not made to restrict customer’s legal right.